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In Fresh Lemon and Aroma Free

These creams work by helping disperse the body’s own natural skin oils to create a smooth silky gliding effect. For optimum results, reach into jar, remove a small amount of cream, rub between hands, and apply to body. You will find this product goes a long way, use sparingly for best results. Linens will not build up oily residue.

Use the Aroma Free cream with your essential oils to create your own custom scent, however, be sure to skin test your essential oils to be sure they are skin-compatible.


No more offensive smelling massage linens. Launder with your regular detergent, no special harsh cleaning chemicals required. Non staining.

If contents liquefy due to exposure to heat, close lid tightly, shake vigorously, then place jar at room temperature for a few minutes to allow massage cream time to solidify.

Use sparingly for best results. Apply more to create effective gliding strokes for persons with dry skin or body hair. No more tugging or pulling of body hair.

The pure oil ingredients contained in this massage cream are closely connected to the oil structure occurring naturally in human skin oil .

The oil in this massage cream is a pure non-toxic consumable oil. It is the same ingredient used in delicate infant skin products, and is also used as a base for most healing ointments found in drugstores and hospitals.


Non-bacterial growth properties

  • It cannot spread infection on skin surfaces.
  • Non-Acne-Genic – your clients won’t break out.
  • Will not contaminate or spoil, so it can be stored at higher temperatures.
  • Anti-microbial properties.
  • Contains healing ointment ingredients so your hands won’t break out.

Aroma Free Pure Silk Gel
Peach Pure Silk Gel


Aroma-Treatments Peach Silk Hand and Foot Gel is a highly concentrated, deep moisturizing gel with antibacterial ingredients. Exclusively for hand and foot treatments. Silkens and softens dry, chapped feet and hands so well that massaging them becomes effortless and enjoyable. Exotic peach fragrance cuts through the most offensive foot odors.

Aroma-Free Pure Silk Gel has all the moisturizing properties of Peach Silk Gel, without the peach fragrance oils. Apply a pea-sized drop to each foot and hand, and thoroughly massage area until skin is completely softened. Be sure to wipe off excess before walking on slippery surfaces. Washes off with gentle soap and water.

Product Usage

You may custom-blend Pure Silk with your own essential oils. Please skin test your essential oils to make sure they will be skin compatible. Aroma-Free Pure Silk, and Peach Silk are both Hypo-allergenic. Only the purest ingredients are used.