Aroma-Treatments Massage Cream Ingredients

With all these ingredients combined, you have a safe, natural product with the perfect glide for massage and full-body moisturizing.

Pure Paraffin Oil
This is the same pure oil that is used in 55 gallon drums to spread over severe burn victims. Because Paraffin oil is a non-protein oil that doesn’t grow bugs (go rancid), it won’t cause or spread skin infection. Paraffin oil has the closest oil structure to human skin oil. This means that it helps to grow healthy new skin. Safe and natural.

Purified Water
Speaks for itself

Thicker consistency of paraffin oil.

Antibiotic in nature, assists in creating perfect glide and consistency for product. Healthful, natural and safe.

Thickener used in chocolate bars.

Sodium Borate
Like Boric acid eyewash, used as a binder and purifying agent.